Forging Capabilities

Combining the latest in engineering and simulation software with hammer and press machinery.

CHISEN is a closed-die impression forging company that services its customers with quality steel forgings using a “high production job shop” mentality. This high production job shop mentality affords the flexibility for our forging company to take on business ranging in quantity from 5,000 pieces to upwards of 1 million+ parts per part number. Utilizing both press and hammer machinery, CHISEN can forge a wide variety of configurations maxing out at the 15-pound gross weight of forging.

This forging flexibility has led to a diverse customer portfolio with an assortment of industries served. Additionally, having the proactive vision and inclination to adopt and implement new systems and technology has led to a comprehensive understanding of process and quality control. Our Value added services are offered such as: Cleaning, Heat Treat, Coining, Cold Stamping, Magnetic Particle Inspection, and E-Coat.

Forging Plant

Closed Die Forging Plant

Our Closed Die Plant occupies 6,000 sq. meter (65,000 sq. foot) of production space and is equipped with air hammer up to 1500 lbs. supported by appropriate heat treating, cleaning and quality assurance facilities. There is capability for forging products up to 250 lbs.

Closed Die Forging Hammer Frition Screw Press

Forging Equipments

Die Forging Hammer: 1Ton, 2Ton, 3Ton, 5Ton, 8Ton, 10Ton, 16Ton

Electric-hydraulic Hammer: 2000KG, 6000KG, 8000KG

Friction Press: 300Ton, 400Ton, 6300Ton, 1000Ton, 1600Ton

Heat Treatment Equipment

Heat Treatment Furance

Table Furnace: 3Ton, 5Ton, 10Ton, 60Ton

High Frequency Heating Furnace: 25KW, 35KW, 45KW

Mesh Belt Carburizing Quenching and Tempering Furnace: 60KW, 80KW, 100KW, 180KW

Vacuum Quenching Furnace: Vacuum gas quenching furnace, Vacuum annealing furnace, Vacuum tempering furnace.

Machine Shop

Machining Equipment

CNC Machining Center

CNC Turning Center

CNC Drilling Machine

Grinding Machine

Punching Machines: 10Ton, 16Ton, 25Ton, 40Ton, 63Ton

Hydraulic Pressing Machines: 100Ton, 200Ton, 315Ton, 500Ton, 630Ton, 800Ton


Forging Capabilities By Material:Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Tools Steel, Copper Alloys, Aluminum

Forged Product Design